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Benefits of Buying a New Home

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1. Motivated vendors – New Home Builders are some of the most motivated vendors in the property industry. The New Homes business requires a quick and efficient sale therefore once you agree a sale, the developer is unlikely to slow down the build or cancel a sale. A developers main goal is to sell you a beautiful home that you and your family can enjoy for a very long time.

2. Economical homes – Due to todays strict building regulations, energy efficiency is now incorporated into many new build properties. The (EPC) Energy Performance Certificate is a great indicator of how efficient your New Home will be. As well as saving money on your energy bills, you will be doing your bit for the environment.

3. Great Quality Builds – New Homes are built to last using the most up to date designs and materials.

4. No Chain –  Having no chain means you are able to move much quicker and more efficiently then you would if you were buying a used home with an upward chain.

5. Guarantees – Most New Homes come with a building guarantee. The most common type is the NHBC or LABC which covers the structure of the building for up to 10 years. This gives Purchasers peace of mind and also helps bring down the cost of your building insurance.

6. Blank canvas – When you purchase “off plan” you have the added advantage of being able to choose a lot of the finishes yourself, customising the property from the outset. When the property is completed and at the time of purchase, you will be presented with a neutral option giving you the ability to quickly make the house your home.

7. Incentives – Builders tend to tailor their incentives to customers requirements to increase the saleability of the development. These range from Help to Buy, deposit paid, stamp duty paid, legal fees paid, flooring, upgraded kitchen and part exchange. Be aware that you will normally only receive one incentive and this will be dependent upon which developer you buy from, the location and market conditions.

8. Part Exchange – This is when the developer makes you an offer on your property to enable you to buy their new home. The benefit of this is that it completes the chain and you have a secure sale from a genuine motivated buyer. Usually you won’t pay estate agency costs in this procedure, the builder pays this when they own your property. This is most definitely the easiest way to buy and sell. You can move at your own speed and eliminate the worry of keeping the house immaculate for viewings. Bare in mind though that this scheme will not be available to everyone so check ahead.