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Buying a property – CUTTING THE TIME – 3D Video Technology

So apparently according to recent study on average it takes around 6 Months to get the keys and move into your new property.

The study showed the timescales below!

Time spent browsing homes to visit online, before choosing one to buy – 19.46 hours

Time between finding a home online, and getting a viewing – 3.74 days

Time between the first viewing and putting in an offer on a new home – 4.47 days

Time taken, once decided to buy, to get a mortgage offer – 23.94 days

Time taken, once decided to buy, to find a solicitor – 2.98 days

Time taken to exchange contracts – 5.34 months – 165.54 days

Time taken once contracts are exchanged, to get keys – 9.47 days

Obviously many factors lead onto the exchange of contracts. Here at Sell Like New Group we like to think the time is takes to exchange is a little less… Depending on chain, type of property and Mortgage offer being in place plus many other factors. Don’t forget we are here to help move things along for you.

One way to cut time when deciding on viewing a property or not is the 3D Tour. Here at The Sell New Group have started using the latest 3D Technology to market some of our properties which allows the viewer to interact with the house on a 3D walk through

see one of our recent videos here…

By saving time and energy on viewings buyers can find their perfect property much more quickly.

3D Virtual tours are an easier, quicker and much more engaging way for people to view homes on the market, while saving time for all sides in the process.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this new technology – Do you think this would be a help in deciding whether or not to view a property? Email us on – We are always trying to improve and grow.