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What is the average size of a UK house?
What is the average house price for the UK in the last 12 months?
What was the annual price change for property in the UK in the past year?
How many estate agency branches are there in St Neots?
In which year was the Estate Agents Act incepted?
What is the total value of all of the houses in the UK?
Who is the Director of Sell New?
 Tom Francis

Tom Fisher

Tom Pope


What year was Sell New Group founded?



Where is one of the best places to invest in Uk, according to research in 2018?
St Neots
What is the base salary of Nick Budden, CEO of Foxtons (London) ?
Which listed property firm has seen the largest drop in share price in 2016?
What is the average amount borrowed on a mortgage?
What is average price of a new build home in the past year?
What is the average price paid by a first time buyer in Great Britain in the past year?
How many housing Ministers have there been since 2010?
Who is the current Housing Minister?
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